….. Reindeers on the roof …..& other news ! …..

Reindeers On The Roof - Nether Edge Christmas Market

Reindeers On The Roof – Nether Edge Christmas Market

….. yes, its that time again ! Nether Edge Christmas Farmers Market, and heres my advertising flyer :-) …… 

….. other news ! ….. at the Sharrow Vale Market last sunday, my “Ottos” painting (painted on street outside Gilbert & Sons, during the summer – i.e in the wind and rain :-)) raised £175* for Rain Rescue, a local charity helping pets in crisis, and we – myself and Gilbert & Sons – are SO pleased to be able to help them, through my artwork …..

Ottos, Sharrow Vale Road

Ottos, Sharrow Vale Road

*A huge thankyou to Professor H. :-) and to Gilbert & Sons for their kindness,support (and making cups of tea) :-) ….. see Rain Rescue, here : www.RainRescue.co.uk

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12 Responses to ….. Reindeers on the roof …..& other news ! …..

  1. violetski says:

    Bright beautiful painting as always! ❤️
    Your paintings make a warm feeling inside me and I really love them, Victoria!
    I think the buildings you create can make a beautiful, charming, peaceful city that I defently want to live there! 😃❤️
    Hope it get a biiiiig prize for charity❤️

    • Thankyou so much Violet, you are so kind :-) although not all buildings here are so charming or peaceful ! :-) yes, I’m so happy to raise any money for the animal charities from my paintings :-) many thanks, :-) xx

  2. Mary Llewellyn says:

    Well done Victoria raising money for rain rescue how appropriate you painted it in the wind and rain!xx Tam & Mary

  3. seascapesaus says:

    Your buildings are full of personality V! They speak to me. Now I want to go to Otto’s and sit outside. As for Nether Edge – your poster is accurate – “world famous” it is! Such bubbly work. Well done for Rain Rescue funds too. Cheers, P

  4. poppytump says:

    Ooh feeling all festive :-)
    Great work and result with the ££ funds for Charity !

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