…One can never have too much…..

…..Orange, in a painting…..

Hendersons - small study

Hendersons – small study

…..my scanner came up with the weird angle, of its own accord. …..Winsor & Newton on Canson Watercolour Paper.


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14 Responses to …One can never have too much…..

  1. seascapesaus says:

    Leaning Tower of piquancy?


  2. violetski says:

    Beautiful! Love the orange and angle too! ❤❤❤
    My brain,eye scanner always are scanning in different angle too!!!! Even when I’m drawing buildings!!! I think mine is scary scanner and never catch the straight angel!!!!!!😃😃😃


  3. Wazeau says:

    You mean it isn’t supposed to be leaning over? I love it like that!


  4. lahgitana says:

    never CAN have too much orange. Period! It’s a fabulous color!

    i like the wonky angle of the painting! kinda fits with the spicy!


    • I have to admit the wonky version looks better that the straight – obviously the scanner has a better eye than I do ! Technology – Bah Humbug !! 🙂 (mind you, the same goes for Pink ! never can have too much of that either) might as well just have a Rainbow 🙂


      • lahgitana says:

        technology twangs my last nerve these days… it used to twang ALL my nerves before!

        that’s how I’ve been choosing my paints these days–very quick inner dialogue–Oooo, I like [turquiose] [pink][red][orange][celadon]!

        btw, did you listen to how FAST that lady was talking on the snowflake video? I couldn’t even follow her, but she was so funny that I had to watch it to the end. pretty sure I learned only to not fold the paper in 4s! hahahahah


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