… Day 2 …

… just when I started the Creative Lettering Kourse (sic) at Sketchbook Skool …. along came an “opportunity” I didn’t expect, or want. Luckily I had a single piece of paper  (very unusual, and as it turned out, the right texture and absorbency) courtesy of Postcard Cafe, and my Parker Roller Ball, one of my favourite pens, of over 30 years trusty service …..


… gouache added later….


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5 Responses to … Day 2 …

  1. phildynan says:

    apparently first message not recorded – I ask if this is about you? It causes me some concern…and I hope you are OK. Only a TRUE ARTIST would lie on a gurney in a hospital hallway and write an artistic post card!!

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    • Hi Phil, thank you. Yes, it is about me. A health scare (hopefully not as bad as first thought) Im waiting some results now. It was a grim place, but your comments have made my day. I’m thrilled to be called a TRUE ARTIST 🙂 it has brough a silver lining to my cloud. Thankyou again, and I hope things are well with you, all best wishes, victoria xx

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      • phildynan says:

        perhaps it is strange, but I find myself wanting to see a self-portrait of you waiting for treatment and creating the post card! Sending positive energy your way! Thinking of you…

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        • that is an interesting idea – a bit like Norman Rockwells triple view portrait, of himself, painting himself, painting himself…. I may do that next time ! Thank you for your positive wishes, I am feeling a bit better today. Being a True Artist has boosted me 🙂 I should maybe do a series titled “Journey on a Gurney” 🙂

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  2. phildynan says:

    left a message…not clear if the system accepted it or not?


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