…. A bit too …….plein air……

Plein Air – view towards the Church

……today,perhaps…..very windy…..at least my easel stayed upright this time, but my paintbox blew completely over (twice), so as well as the cat hairs, I now have bits of grit in the watercolour pans… Nice !….”authentic” maybe……

Close Up – paints on floor 😦




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11 Responses to …. A bit too …….plein air……

  1. seascapesaus says:

    V, I would like to say “I love it!” but that would hardly be fair. I commiserate. But what a sterling performance to stay long enough for two blowings over. Your stands held their ground no doubt. Have just noticed your recent titles – you could see them as spotted too! A hearty cheer for you. P


  2. Aye, my Winter Plumage 🙂


  3. lahgitana says:

    Lesser-Spotted Artist in Winter Clothes!


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