….. a Whippet in Purple …..

….. seen here, in a work in progress ….. (and the whippet was really wearing the purple coat) …..

Cowlishaw Corner

Cowlishaw Corner – Work In Progress

….. hopefully, weather permiting (which it hasn’t been so far this year)….. I will be outside Gilberts tomorrow, painting, and with some previously unseen paintings ….. (see Upcoming Events page for details)


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16 Responses to ….. a Whippet in Purple …..

  1. poppytump says:

    Gosh this is LOVELY … I’m really taken with how you paint with watercolours … I dream of such . Lol


  2. violetski says:

    I always love your coloring, Victoria ❤ what a beautiful opera pink and lovely greens.
    By the way, love that white doggy too😃❤


  3. That’s my purple coat!!! :-0


  4. lahgitana says:

    the doggie in the Fiat window is rapt! who’s driving?! >:-D


    • Awesome Observation L !! and you have spotted the paintings “secret” ! Really, I’m astonished !! we have right-hand drive here in the UK, so it would “appear” the dog is a passenger, but the car is a special edition Maserati Fiat 500, and (I think) most likely US version, so the dog IS driving (IMHO 🙂 ) Gold Star of the Day Award to you L !! V 🙂 xxx


      • lahgitana says:

        hee hee! the dog is driving! just when I’d trained myself to “see” right-hand drive… I actually first saw it as the dog in the driver’s seat, but then had to look again because I *knew* the pic was from an English artist!

        who’d-a-thunk it? Maserati + Fiat! vroom vroom!

        oooo, thanks for the gold star–can never have too many! <:-D your paintings are worthy of long, searching looks, Veeheehee. Always hidden details to delight in the discovery.

        well then, that begs the question: who's the passenger?!


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