Grin Up North 2011………Big Ron !!…….

Grin Up North feat. Big Ron

Superb publicity characters this year ! Big Ron the Greyhound and Holly the Whippet – see their “filmshoot” here – its Brilliant ! (also features Toby Foster) :

Grin Up North supports the Sheffield Retired Greyhound Fund :

Please, Help if you can.

p.s. watercolour sketch using new ShinHan Professional Watercolours on Fabriano paper


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2 Responses to Grin Up North 2011………Big Ron !!…….

  1. probably smoking AND chewing peppermints P, knowing Big Ron ! Now I look, those peppermints are in fact his teeth 🙂 Hilarious ! You are right, Truly Priceless ! 🙂


  2. seascapesaus says:

    Is he smoking V? Or chewing peppermints? And how long since he had those eyelashes/glasses tested? Priceless!


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