Heart of the City…………

Heart of the City

…….a slice of an emerging painting………this element features Sheffield Childrens Hospital (old & new), with mascot Theo the Bear, and the Royal Hallamshire Hospital in the background. In future slices……….a possible splash or two of Hendersons …….. ?


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Watercolour Artist
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2 Responses to Heart of the City…………

  1. Hi M & T,

    I barely sleep at all ! I’ve managed to cut down to just a cat-style 20 hours a day really 🙂 Hope you’re still on your toes, lots of love, Victoria xxx


  2. Do you sleep at all Victoria, its hard to keep up with your energetic creativity with “Slice of an emerging painting, Your finished portrait and a hare practice”. You are an inspiration to us both – thanks for succeeding to keep us on our toes we always love your creations. Hugs T & M


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