Need a new Sweeping Brush ? ………look no further…….

Crookes Hardware, Sheffield

……Crookes Hardware (an Emporium of Everything you could possibly need, from brushes, glue, screws, compost, tools and yes, in case you’re wondering, they also do Key Cutting)……

……drop by and say Hello to Richard, Robert….and “Mouse” the dog (seen here in the window,watching the dog “with attitude” walking past)……or their web-site here :

……166 Crookes High Street, Sheffield


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3 Responses to Need a new Sweeping Brush ? ………look no further…….

  1. Tam & I love receiving your latest in our mailbox. Crookes Hardware must be a fabulous place to visit. Its great to see that there are still hardware shops with everything under the sun out there. Wish we lived nearer so we could pop in. Like their website too hope they are receiving the best of both worlds. Victoria you are fabulous at capturing the heart and soul of whatever you paint. hugs Tam & Mary


  2. WENDIWU says:

    Love this! My family name is Crook (no ‘e’!)and my parents owned a small grocery store in Gloucester in the 50’s, they also had a cat called Tibby that used to sit in the window!
    My Dad later went on to become an accountant, such an appropriate surname for his new occupation don’cha think?? xx


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