Insufficient Memory……….

Memory Stick

…….I am quite pleased with this little sketch, (Winsor & Newton Pro-Watercolour on 200gsm cold-pressed paper), which was prompted by……….

…….a narrow escape last week when my computer went haywire and I thought I’d lost all my photographs (as well as my desktop crammed with essential icons, and everything else), so I finally got round to saving them onto a Memory Stick. The man in the shop had assured me (a couple of years ago….. since when, my cat had “played” with the stick, lost it and it eventually turned up in a shoe I rarely wear………..) that 4mb would be “plenty”………no, apparently, my computer tells me I need 11mb.  How many photos do I have ?  Several years worth, many precious, but also lots of duplicates, subjects I might “one day” paint, so I’m editing them/deleting them and now down to 8 mb………..or shall I just get a bigger stick ??


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10 Responses to Insufficient Memory……….

  1. Hi L,

    yes, it made sense (worryingly :-)) I love red cars too 🙂
    perhaps NOT try it on your hard drive………….?
    V xx (p.s. sorry for slow replies, WP isn’t “notifying” me of comments, again !)


  2. Thats what I’m thinking ! but how big ? 16, 32, a Trillion ?? 🙂
    note to self, “housekeep” photos as I go along…………


    • lahgitana says:

      You might consider a hard drive, Victoria, since photos are so memory-heavy. And hard drives have come down so far in price that you’d spend under $100 for one. Memory sticks seem expensive to me unless you find a bargain.

      Or back up to CD? DVD?


      • Thanks Laurel, that seems a good idea (I didn’t know there was such a thing, till you suggested it – I’m just used to low-tech pencils and paintbrushes 🙂 )
        I think I need a “serious” piece of kit, and one less likely to be lost 🙂
        many thanks, V. x


        • lahgitana says:

          I can see that you have quite a store of electronic versions of your art. I bet there are artists out there who could advise you. Try Deirdre at Tranquil Space Designs and tell her I sent you. Do let us know what you decide to do.


          • Thats very kind, I will, I’ll let you know 🙂


            • lahgitana says:

              Maybe you could find good advice on the Painter’s Keys site?

              I was just thinking that you might think about backing up a duplicate to The Cloud. Oh lordy…. you know–storage that is out in the ether…. Unfortunately, redundant backups are necessary because of hardware failures….

              Hi! I know this was a long time ago, but I was cruising through your paintings again! I love the Bob Dylan cover in the cafe. Bob is my hero. I even like his paintings. <:-o


  3. lahgitana says:

    Get a bigger stick!


    • L 😉
      I went with your initial advice (although not immediately) and got an external hard drive, massive 2 tetragigs or something – the important thing is, its in metallic red 🙂
      In my excitement, I forgot to update everyone on this major development in my techno-resistant life 🙂 but am feeling more “secure” now. thankyou everyone 🙂


      • lahgitana says:

        Oh I’m so pleased for you! That must have been a relief–when I haven’t regularly backed up my electronic life, I feel like I’m actually carrying the computer info on my back. I’m sure that doesn’t make sense!

        And the color IS the important thing! Whenever I’ve been buying a car and M asks what kind I want, my answer is usually something like “Red!”

        I wonder if I could do a mixed media treatment on my shiny black hard drive? hmmmmm….


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