A Very Cute…………French Bulldog…………

SharrowVale Barbers & Fifi

……that I saw this morning (*), prompted me to finish this painting I started in 2010 (a precursor to the “Two Pugs” – one of my personal all-time favourites)……

……the one in this painting, (shall we call her Fifi ?) looks slightly annoyed  :-)……this painting also started in my earlier “red” and “detailed drainpipes” phase !

…….will Fifi venture to the Farmers Market tomorrow ? Only if it stops raining, she says……

Fifi the French Bulldog

(* For a year or so now, I have been hearing rumours of a phantom French Bulldog living on the next road to me – this morning I finally saw it – I was driving at the time so only caught a glimpse, but it is definitely cute ! )


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1 Response to A Very Cute…………French Bulldog…………

  1. Ruca says:

    Hey there! I just came to your blog by clicking on your name at Danny Gregory’s blog. You’ve got a very fun style. It’s refreshing to see something a bit offbeat and I love your frequent inclusion of dogs and other assorted animals. It’s also great to read that you do so much to support the cat shelter and greyhound rescue. Keep up the great work!


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