My Paintbrush………..

Artmaster Pearl Watercolour Brushes

……..was lost yesterday, somewhere between using it in the Cafe, and the store checkout, in Waitrose. It wasn’t in the best condition, most of the handle had splintered and worn down to the bare wood, BUT the brush had worn to a great point, I knew its “foibles”, and it had accompanied me on many sketching expeditions over the last year…….I’m hoping it will be found……..

……..the top sketch here is Winsor & Newton watercolour, drawn (crudely !) with a Uniball “eye” pen, Orange ink. The lower one is W & N Gouache, painted freehand, lettering in Staedtler pigment liner, 0.3. Painted on the Daily Telegraph newspaper.


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7 Responses to My Paintbrush………..

  1. seascapesaus says:

    did the brush turn up? they can be like the second sock you know. Hey, squirrels’ and cats’ tails – brush materials? I have been missing your posts even though I am a follower. hope I can re-click the right button this time. thanks for connecting!


    • it hasn’t turned up yet ! I’m not sure my cat would let me use his tail as a paintbrush,but he would happily catch me a squirrel (really!) Hope you can reconnect 🙂 best wishes, V


  2. lahgitana says:

    Ode to a Paintbrush! (waaaaaaah for its pointy loss!)


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