The Only Man In The UK………….?…………

Andrew Cole at Portland Works

……….who can forge a “Slate Ripper”, is apparently here in Sheffield !  Out and about yesterday, with “nothing to draw” I found an old leaflet in the back of my sketchbook,

Portland Works Leaflet

so decided to do some “speed lettering” practice……..

……..Drawn with Parker Roller Ball, Black Ink, Fine Point, Winsor & Newton watercolours. I quite like it……..

……..Portland Works is a historically significant metalwork factory where Stainless Steel was manufactured for the first time in the World ! Now threatened with closure and conversion into apartments. It should be saved  🙂  to see more and help :


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6 Responses to The Only Man In The UK………….?…………

  1. seascapesaus says:

    An interesting referral to Portland works. What a tenacious man Mr Brearley was! Who would have guessed the story behind the development of stainless steel.


  2. Double Yikes !! Brilliant word 🙂 sums it up completely


  3. lahgitana says:

    who knew that about stainless steel? and I’d never heard of a slate ripper!

    around the world, original manufacturing plants are being re-worked by landscape architects into parks that keep the cultural memories alive. but apartments?! yikes!


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