The Lesser-Spotted Artist……..

……..amazingly, I didn’t chicken out yesterday (despite some drizzle, early morning, which would have been a perfect excuse !)……..and set up my easel, and latest paintings, “on-street”, outside Gilberts Antiques & Pine on Sharrow Vale Road……..

Artist at Work (Rarely Sighted in Public)

……painting the street-scene did not progress very far, due to all the Crucial Technical Discussions taking place (“chatting”, says Fifi) and the easel did completely tip over several times 🙂 …….so here is the snippet :


…….Best of All was seeing Mary & Tam, who were just passing (from 20+ miles away). Mary holds the record for Most Comments on my blog, and is here bravely sporting the only “Fat Cat/Fiat 500” T Shirt, in the Entire World :

see Mary & Tams Clinic, here :

these Superb photos are all by Little Bits of Sheffield, more gems of Sheffield, here :

……the painting will continue, Plein Air outside Gilberts, on a future saturday  🙂


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15 Responses to The Lesser-Spotted Artist……..

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  2. I remember being on holiday in France many years ago and saw signs in the town where we were staying which said (in French) “Painting the Streets” on the following Saturday. We had no idea what it was about until the day when we found the town full of artists with their easels painting away. In the evening there was an artists’ market where they sold what they had painted during the day plus from their stock. An idea I feel should be exported everywhere!


    • “Painting the Streets” what a fantastic concept. Strangely enough, I overheard someone say “its like being in France” ! so maybe its a step in the right direction, I hope so 🙂 definitely agree with you !


  3. Hi Victoria, great to see Kimberly here too this is obviously the place to be! Loved seeing you yesterday with all your lovely paintings on display all our family think you are brilliant and of course Tam and I do too. It was interesting seeing Gilbert’s beautiful furniture and buying some bits to add to our antique collection. What a wonderful village feel there is to Sharrow Vale Road its well worth a visit hugs Tam & Maryx


  4. Wazeau says:

    Way to go! Love seeing the people at your booth.


  5. lahgitana says:

    So much smiling! Those must have been fun Crucial Technical Discussions! >:-D

    The whole post makes me grin from start to finish! Still grinning! Glad the weather cooperated–that’s always a bit iffy. –L.


    • L – Glad it made you grin, my face is still aching from it all 🙂 They were Enormously Crucial, yes 🙂 Keep Grinning……….DooBeeDoo……..V x (p.s its raining now, really !).


      • lahgitana says:

        I couldn’t help but notice the well-earned laugh lines around your eyes–so happy you had lots of grinning, too! beedoobeedoobeedoo! L (am I allowed to mention those laugh lines–was that a major faux pas?!)


        • L…L…L….!! A Major Faux Pas – the biggest in the entire world. I thought we were friends !! (by the way, it wasn’t really me, its Fifi with a mask on, and she’s definitely not happy now ! Look out, she’s on her way over……….).
          Don’t mention it to anyone else and I’ll let you off 🙂


  6. kimberlywillis1 says:

    Hello Victoria,

    Well I can’t believe your last post!! Mary was my supervisor and I trained with Mary and Tam in Tickhill!!  She is such a wonderful woman it was lovely to see her in your photo,

    K   Kimberly Willis, GRH     Hypnotherapist, EFT and NLP Practitioner It’s never too late to become what you might have been. George Eliot

    Now out The Little Book of Diet Help Truth, Tips and Therapy for a Slimmer Happier You!

    Follow my Blog



  7. seascapesaus says:

    Good on you Victoria! Nice set-up and lots of browsers. Keep it up! (Very clever title too). Philippa


    • Hi Philippa, and Thankyou. The title was a rare flash of inspiration, but quite true 🙂 (I may even change my name to it, officially) It was nerve-wracking (as you will know) – now, to keep it up ……….. 🙂 V x


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