Big Innovation !……Two Giraffes……..AND……a Movie……

………well, a slide-show !…… of plein air painting again yesterday……..(despite having a very painful, possibly broken, Big Toe, too), watch it here, (click on the “11 photos” link above) :

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……..and still breezy   🙂   Superb photos (especially the tremendous aerial shots !) all by Postcard Cafe :


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9 Responses to Big Innovation !……Two Giraffes……..AND……a Movie……

  1. I’ve just stumbled across your beautiful paintings! I used to live in Sheffield but have been in Italy for 25 years, and was feeling a bit homesick… I used to take my sister to Hunters Bar School every day on my way to King Edward’s, and had lots of friends in Nether Edge… I love your work and hope to follow you albeit from a distance…! Home feels a little closer now, thank you!


  2. Hi Victoria, we loved you and PostcardCafe’s winning combination capturing the unfolding of the giraffe’s adams apple too. This plein air stuff seems to be catching on. We fancy mosaics as well. Keep up the fabulous work. Hugs Tam & Mary


    • Hi Mary & Tam, yes, soon we’ll all be doing our “thing” plein air 🙂
      I hope you give mosaics a try, I hear they’re the new fandango (they tested my patience :-)) lots of love, Victoria xx


  3. seascapesaus says:

    Well done V! The lesser-spotted artist seen with the common/garden spotted giraffe, both braving it on breezy street. It looks like fun, but I know the back-story – it is huge effort and some fun! I will look out for you on a Saturday near me.


    • “the common/garden spotted giraffe” – loved this comment P, it really made me smile 🙂
      You are SO right, its a HUGE effort…. and some fun (sometimes). You never know, one saturday you may be in for a surprise ! Very Best, V xx


  4. 3 times ! I should have made it a Pay-per-View, I could have been rich & famous 🙂

    Plein Air mosaics sounds a brilliant idea, L. Gosh, what questions & comments – so many different ones, but I would say I’ve found 99% of them very rewarding, touching and encouraging. the other 1%, I ignored. Some people walk by as if I’m “so bizarre”, I’m not there ! so I just carry on as if I know what I’m doing 🙂

    many children approach and ask questions or just stare %-) but its great when they go away saying “I’m going to get my paints out when I get home !”

    as for my Big Toe shenanigans and my introduction to watercolorzz (note correct spelling), I will keep you waiting for a little while 🙂

    I’m looking forward now to Mosaic Movie 🙂 Go for it, L,
    very best, V xxx


    • lahgitana says:

      I’d-a paid the pay per view happily!

      There is a great City program here where empty storefronts are loaned out to artists for 6 months at a time per artist. That would be an interesting place to work, but I wonder if I would feel like a zoo denizen?! Besides, me art is messy and dusty….

      “so I just carry on as if I know what I’m doing” THAT is the secret to life. At my age I realize that the inner fraud doesn’t disappear even if it gets quieter! >:-D


  5. lahgitana says:

    I watched that happy show three times!

    You have me wondering about doing plein air mosaics just to interact with folks a bit. What kinds of questions or commentary do you get? Tell more!

    Are you gonna tell the story of the Broken Big Toe?! I think you should. >:-D

    Since I’m nagging, how about telling us the story of getting interested in watercolo(u)r and then discovering that, by golly, you really were good at it!


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