…..How to Fly…..(Usyaka-style)…..with news……..

Usyaka – How to Fly !

……of the result so far, from the sale of “Usyaka Sharpens Her Nose” – postcards, banners and the Original Watercolour* – of 236 Euros…..

….. (a Big Thankyou to everyone, and a *Special Thankyou* to Caroline) …..

…..this money is now, yes, already…..helping homeless cats and kittens in Montenegro, home of Usyaka……here’s just one of those being helped, a Tiny Kitten called Beliy (“white one”)…..

Beliy the Tiny Kitten

…..who was treated for a splinter in his paw … recovered … then was injured by a dog … and is now being cared for again……for more  information, please see Usyaka’s blog, here :


The Real Usyaka – “Flying”

……and all I can say is, even the tiniest kitten can make an enormous change in a human life……


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6 Responses to …..How to Fly…..(Usyaka-style)…..with news……..

  1. lahgitana says:

    Oh dear! So busy thinking about the wind-driven kitten that I forgot to say:

    I would NOT want to be on the landing side of those pointy parts! I see we are getting Instructions for Cats from you and Usyaka (and Alexandra since she took the pics)! Can’t wait for more! Hmmm…. flying, nose-sharpening…. what other kitty essentials are comin’ our way?! >:-D


    • yes, being on the receiving end could be worse than being on a picket fence ! Instructions “from” cats I think 🙂 Mind you, I once launched myself, like Usyaka here, from the top of a sand dune – I expected a “soft landing” in the sand, it wasn’t ! neither did I land on my feet, cat-style 🙂


  2. lahgitana says:

    Oh yes for me too, Victoria! That tiny kitten changed my life, too!


  3. Thankyou so much Violet (I even “liked” it myself !) :-)) very best wishes to you, victoria


  4. violetski says:



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