…Not a Greyhound…..and not called Sandy…..

Selkie the Lurcher, Nether Edge
Selkie the Lurcher, Nether Edge

…..Last sunday at the farmers market, I spotted a greyhound with a distinctive collar, like the one featured in my Nether Edge 360 painting…..

…..Brilliantly, it is definitely the very dog ! who is actually a Lurcher, and is called “Selkie” . She is 11 years old, and from what I could tell, she is happy to be in the painting  🙂

Nether Edge 360

Nether Edge 360


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7 Responses to …Not a Greyhound…..and not called Sandy…..

  1. seascapesaus says:

    Is this the painting in which you painted a remembered dog? Clearly, it turned out not to be a figment of your imagination. Note to disbelievers: It was a real giraffe that day in ?September.


    • Yes, P, it was the “remembered” dog – well remembered ! 🙂 it was indeed a real giraffe too 🙂 just like the walrus thats just wandered by 🙂 people will believe……one day ! Thanks P. x


  2. kestrelart says:

    I like your trees especially in this


  3. lahgitana says:

    Each time I see that painting, I want to take a walk along its lanes…. and stop and pet that dog who walks on tippy-toes!


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