….. not sure about …..

….. this painting …..

Porter Cottage

Porter Cottage

….. the building attracted me, white brickwork, signs galore, curved corner facade ….. but didn’t emerge as I envisaged (still, they rarely do). A definite challenge, and I think I’m finally happy with it (especially the  Basset Hound) …..


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13 Responses to ….. not sure about …..

  1. violetski says:

    It’s amazing Victoria ! Love this painting❤
    You did great job with white brick wall and lovely details ❤


  2. amazing the feel you’ve caught, the antiquity and yet a fresh light. Magnificent talent !


  3. errhernandez says:

    Very nice! I’m still struggling to understand how you coped with the white brick walls; the bricks seem to bulge on the paper!


    • Hi Eduardo ! Thankyou – actually I’m struggling to understand how I did too, it was perseverance I think (and my eyes are probably bulging too as a result !). Great comment, thankyou 🙂 x


  4. davidturner1986 says:

    I love this, I can see why you wanted to paint this building, and you did an amazing job.

    Nice one!


  5. lahgitana says:

    ah, your attention to detail that suggests the shape of the building–wish I could see it in person, Vee!


  6. Thankyou Hazel, much appreciated 🙂 x


  7. Hazel Lale says:

    looks good to me….hx   Hazel Lale http://www.hazellale.co.uk hazel_lale@yahoo.co.uk

    art workshops on website blog

    facebook twitter



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