….. some llamas ….. and a hot air balloon …..


Nether Edge Farmers Market

Nether Edge Farmers Market



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14 Responses to ….. some llamas ….. and a hot air balloon …..

  1. oohhh I just want to clap my hands and go to Oz! Brilliant !


  2. violetski says:

    So beautiful , bright colours, Victoria !make me feel sunny , happy and i feel the same when I’m seeing your beautiful paintings and colours😃❤


  3. marysue128 says:

    I feel happier and inspired after seeing your art. x


  4. seascapesaus says:

    Hmm! Your painting makes me feel sunny and chirpy just to look at it V. (It is anything but around here today). Does the weather really matter? UKers make the best of it anyway! Llamas – that’s a new one in the personality stakes. You have lit up my screen! thanks, P


    • Thanks P, I’ve never lit up anyones screen before ! 🙂 Well the weather kind of matters as its all outdoors, which is fine in the rain for real farmers, selling carrots etc, but for pseudo-farmers like myself, my watercolours don’t hold up to a good drenching :-)) The llamas actually made an appearance at a previous market (from local alpaca farm) and they were a sight to behold ! 🙂 hope your exhibition is going well P 🙂 V xx


  5. Hazel Lale says:

    lovely   Hazel Lale http://www.hazellale.co.uk hazel_lale@yahoo.co.uk

    art workshops on website blog

    facebook twitter



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