….. Puffins ….. and even a Penguin …..

Puffins, Sharrow Vale Road

Puffins, Sharrow Vale Road

….. the lady wearing a fleece with splendid Puffin design (originally sketched in the cafe in M&S – sept.2012 ! see below) 

Puffin Lady in M&S.

Puffin Lady in M&S.

is now in my latest painting …. called “Puffins”, naturally ! ….. its an updated streetscene and this time even features (possibly) Pete McKee in his studio, drawing one of his penguins ….. confused ?  🙂 This painting has it all !! ………. now available as a Limited Edition Giclee print, at The Framery, S11 8ZG – to contact, please click here : The Framery

"The Framery" painting - in The Framery

“The Framery” painting – in The Framery

The Framery, Sharrow Vale Road

The Framery, Sharrow Vale Road

* photographs of The Framery courtesy of Shop Fronts of Sheffield


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2 Responses to ….. Puffins ….. and even a Penguin …..

  1. Transported P, like Dr.Who’s tardis ! am so pleased 🙂 the language can be colourful on SV road, too, lol 🙂 I like whimsical 🙂 thanks P ! x


  2. seascapesaus says:

    Thank you V! You have transported me. Life is so colourful on Sharrow Vale Road. Your work shows us the whimsical.


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