… the Rarest Shop … a true Devonshire Independent …


Rare & Racy Pic.jpg

… and probably my favourite. Not just for the stunningly unique frontage (with the Phlegm “Bookworm”) but for selling books. Actual books ! not e-versions. two whole floors of Books, Records – vinyl records ! – CD’s, Art & Prints,  to cater for every taste, no matter how esoteric.

A real Gem !


Rare & Racy Words


Rare & Racy,

164 – 166 Devonshre Street,

Sheffield S3 7SG

Web-site :  here



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1 Response to … the Rarest Shop … a true Devonshire Independent …

  1. Mary Llewellyn says:

    All of these shop are really inspirational would love to visit them when weather is warmer. hugs from us both

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