…Hound with Orange Eyes …

… my original watercolour … is being auctioned to raise funds for Sheffield Retired Greyhound Fund and Cats Mne (Montenegro) … the painting will be on display at Nether Edge Farmers Market, sunday 11th December 11 – 3 pm and the auction ends at 12 noon on monday 12th December 2016… the painting is approx. 66 cm tall, 85 cm framed..

Thanks Everyone !mehound



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4 Responses to …Hound with Orange Eyes …

  1. What a lovely gesture to atwo great causes, love your painting 😀

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  2. Mary Llewellyn says:

    Very Christmassey Victoria, loved your hound with orange eyes. Hope you have lots of bids for this one chance opportunity to own a masterpiece hugs from us both Tam & Mary xx

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