“2.6” …..

…my painting for the “2.6 Challenge”…

Today would have been the famous London Marathon, which many Charities rely on, for their annual fund-raising. However, the Marathon obviously cannot take place due to Covid19.

The 2.6 Challenge attempts to raise funds for Charities in the UK, who are badly hit by the coronavirus, as their fund-raising activities shrink, to zero, and many may not survive at all …..


… my painting  is for the Blue Cross (I am a Volunteer at the Sheffield Rehoming and Advice Unit) …..

….to donate, see more information, or even start your own challenge (for other Charities) – click here : 2.6 Challenge

….for the Blue Cross : here

….for the Blue Cross Sheffield, Rehoming and Advice Unit : here

…. Thankyou for looking !


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