… a Pigeon walks into a Cafe …

… yes, this really happens, from time to time ! … a bold pigeon will wander in, to the cafe, and peck around for crumbs, until a kind person gently ushers it outside again. I do this, when I’m there. Many people don’t like the pigeons that congregate in the City Centre, but I love them. Seeing their characters and how they adapt, to survive, cheers my heart.

“Pigeon !”

Ink & watercolour, @Caffe Nero, Peace Gardens, St.Pauls Place, Sheffield, UK.

Please be kind to birds ! I’m dedicating this painting to The Special Branch, a charity that works tirelessly to help injured birds, in Sheffield, and has recently opened a shop to raise much-needed funds, at 15 Chesterfield Road, Sheffield S8 ORL….

Thankyou for looking !


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2 Responses to … a Pigeon walks into a Cafe …

  1. Glenda Strong says:

    Wow. Absolutely gorgeous.


    Liked by 1 person

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