Botanical Gardens ……..International Women’s Day….Art Exhibition

A great exhibition today in Sheffield Botanical Gardens Pavilion, to mark the Global Centenary Year of International Women’s Day (8 March). Truly inspirational work by Sheffield women artists, many of whom battle with adversity.

Here is my art colleague Pat, displaying a huge range of paintings, cards and unique handmade bags…..and holding a splendid banana !

Many thanks to Annie for organizing the event – hopefully more events like this coming soon to add extra zing” to weekends in the Glass-Houses…………….


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1 Response to Botanical Gardens ……..International Women’s Day….Art Exhibition

  1. What a great idea to display cards and homemade bags in a glasshouse today’s sun must have made the artwork zing. Would like to have been there although seeing your picture of Pat more than made up for it thanks Mary


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