My New Pencil……..not as boring as it sounds

To sustain creativity, regular treats are needed. One of the best is to acquire a new pencil. Whilst having a liquid treat, I admire my latest……………..

Pink Sheaffer - pencil & watercolour on Moleskine(*)

……a 0.7mm Sheaffer mechanical pencil, in Pink, purchased yesterday from one of the best shops in Sheffield – F.G.Thomas, 25 Surrey Street, a real Aladdins Cave of scribing instruments,materials and knowledge – a shop we should treasure !   (* drawn with 0.5mm Waterman. But my very best pencil is a basic wood Bruynzeel from Holland, very chewed, but draws brilliantly !)


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1 Response to My New Pencil……..not as boring as it sounds

  1. Hi is there anyone out there if so do you know if you can buy pencils like this painterly one on line. What a great looking pencil and novel picture too. Sounds like this is an old fashioned shop that serves the customers. If so, I hope this artwork will increase this suppliers business because buying on line is just not the same is it?


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