Whippet in Tartan Coat……………

Whippet in Tartan Coat

…………from a while ago. This whippet was soooooo small, and so cute in a tartan coat.

Featured at Sheffield Botanical Gardens.




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2 Responses to Whippet in Tartan Coat……………

  1. davidreidart says:

    Really like this wee whippet painting. I’ll need to paint my whippet one of these days. Still just a 17 wk pup but she allowed me to take her a 30 min walk today. Have you any more whippet paintings?


    • Thankyou David, and yes, I may have a few more whippets up my sleeve ! (Whippet in Tartan Coat has been surprisingly popular, must paint more Whippets !).Glad to hear Effie is getting you trained, she sounds a character already, and you really must paint her soon 🙂


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