A Blue Whippet……..called Olive………..

"Olive" the Blue Whippet

……who belongs to Jennifer Saunders.  I heard about Olive on French & Saunders radio programme Jan. 2011. Being on the radio I didn’t of course see Olive, and was amazed when I saw a photo of Jennifer and Olive months later, to see that there was indeed a likeness (if I say so myself !)

On the radio, Dawn French jokingly “pretended” to be jealous that Olive had replaced Dawn in Jennifers affections, but there was a real sense that Dawn had a genuine feeling of her nose being put out of joint, by Olive. Very Funny ! But you have to agree, Whippets are sooo gorgeous 🙂


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1 Response to A Blue Whippet……..called Olive………..

  1. davidreidart says:

    Gorgeous indeed! The blues are lovely…maybe get Effie a blue companion next year.


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