BYOB ! ………a Brixton………….

“French & Grace”, Brixton

………Cafe, called “French & Grace”, spotted in the Times Magazine last saturday. The menu looks very tempting, but being 150 miles away in London, I’ll have to make do with sketching it instead !  (from the photo by Laura Edwards, The Times Magazine). 

photo by Laura Edwards,The Times Magazine

……..this tiny cafe started as a “supper club” run from Grace’s Brixton flat, and their blog “Salad Club” has won the Observer’s Monthly Food Award (Best Food Blog).

……..the market, behind Brixton Tube Station, sounds brilliant, stretching through streets and arcades, with a real Bohemian atmosphere.

see the Salad Club blog, here :


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1 Response to BYOB ! ………a Brixton………….

  1. saladclub says:

    We have just come across your lovely watercolour! Any chance we can somehow have a copy for our restaurant? Ellie and Rosie xx


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