? How Do I Know When a Painting is Finished ?…………

…..people often ask me.  Well, in the case of Nether Edge 360…..

….. when a Greyhound walked past !   Almost complete, the painting just needed a little “something special”, when …..

Greyhound, Sheldon Road, Nether Edge

…..at the cross-roads this morning, waiting for the traffic lights to change, in the very spot where there is the final space in the painting…….

…..incredibly,  a Sand-coloured Greyhound suddenly trotted across the crossing, in front of my very eyes !

…..Astonished ??   was I !!…..

…..So, here he/she is now, in the completed Nether Edge 360 * (the Greyhound is painted from memory, I didn’t have time to sketch it as the lights were about to change) …..

………..and yes, it did have a white snazzy collar, and a curly tail  🙂  (and is possibly a bit more “orange” than in real life)   

(btw, it was on a lead, but I didn’t have time to absorb the owner as well)

* the “final” version of the painting, all 30 inches of it, will appear here tomorrow


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2 Responses to ? How Do I Know When a Painting is Finished ?…………

  1. I’m glad you like my paintings, much appreciated ! The nomination, I’m honoured 🙂


  2. I love your painting style! I’ve nominated you for The Blog on Fire Award, Congratulations! http://www.catpurrology.com thanks 🙂


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