……a Technical Error.r.r.r……..

…occured on the last post leading to 2 versions of it appearing with different titles and one with no commentary (just to bore you, the one called “M&S” was the wrong one, but frustratingly, has got the “likes” and some comments !) so here is a “test” with another “Cafe on the Hoof”, started a while ago, but just this minute finished ……..

Cafe Nero (different version)


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7 Responses to ……a Technical Error.r.r.r……..

  1. seascapesaus says:

    I feel as if I know the people in your cafes, V! Especially the ones with their backs turned.


  2. lahgitana says:

    STILL like it! <:-D


    • Cool !! Thanks L :-)))


      • lahgitana says:

        When I click on the pic to enlarge it, that’s when I get the phantom post. I remember noticing that when I first saw the post–that instead of just enlarging the pic, WP is making a new page for the photo with comments and likes. Very confusing.

        I had a new visitor to my site and I was notified that he had made a comment on a pic embedded in a slideshow. I had a helluva time trying to FIND that comment! Altogether too much brain power required, thank you very much!


        • Many Thanks L, I really appreciate that, and I’m glad its not just me ! I wonder why WP decided to suddenly do a Phantom post/page, thats what I don’t fathom (now you mention slideshows, it probably had something to do with me “tweaking” a setting (tho’ Goodness knows what, I tweaked a few to get it working 😉 !) Yes, my brain definitely needs a rest now, too 🙂 Who said Blogging was easy ?!


          • lahgitana says:

            sorry–a rueful laugh is bubbling out: hahahahahaahah! WP changes stuff because they are the Supreme Engineer Rulers, which means they do it because they can. How fun it would be to have this enormous platform as a playground. “Ooooo, what happens if I do THIS?! {muhahahahahaha}”

            I thought it was me too, when WP changed something–like the no notifications, or the endless page loading…. checked all my settings 42 times….!! it’s back to notifying me of some things, but not others. sigh….

            Yep, we are learning by fire! >:-D


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