…..Cafe #9……

……is the name of this cafe (which is, confusingly, actually No. 6 in the Cafes on the Hoof series). I’m particularly pleased with the “Pure” radio (and aerial), the stacks of CD’s/mini-discs, huge wall-speaker and the Bob Dylan portrait……(the huge picture just left of centre is a great photo of another planet). Pete & Paul of Cafe #9, do, I think make the best coffee …….

Cafe #9, Nether Edge


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2 Responses to …..Cafe #9……

  1. Hi Violetski 🙂 many thanks for your kind words, very much appreciated. By the way, I may have said this before, but will say again, I love your gravatar 🙂 very best, V xx


  2. violetski says:

    Lovely cafe and beautiful drawing! Love it♡


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