… even more …

… “Rare & Racy” … the completed watercolour …

… Limited Edition Fine Art prints are available …..

… I’m hoping development plans don’t go ahead. They would mean the demolition of this shop, and others. And losing the Phlegm “Bookworm”. I love Phlegms street art, and if you do too, please have a look at a “Phlegm Retrospective” currently happening on Postcard Cafe ….. click here

…. Holbein Watercolours on Daler-Rowney Aquafine 300 gsm


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Watercolour Artist
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3 Responses to … even more …

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  2. violetski says:

    I was really missing your beautiful paintings!
    And waoooo, another beautiful drawing full of adventures inside❤️❤️❤️


  3. seascapesaus says:

    There is so much in your paintings V! So many surfaces and curiosities and all in paint. A book in a page.


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