…on the map…

…  “Nether Edge – Panorama with Hounds”. Watercolour & ink on old Nether Edge Ordnance Survey map (1903 Godfrey Edition), 44 x 28 cm…

… the painting is of Nether Edge, with shops & cafes there today, and features some Hound friends…

… it’s now up For Sale, to raise funds for Friends of Ferals (Sheffield) and Greyhound Trust (Sheffield) ….

*** current bid is £200 – THANKYOU to Bannerdale Osteopaths ! (and Thankyou to Lotte On The Edge for the previous, fabulous, bid of £175 !) ***

…the painting will be on show at Nether Edge Farmers Market on 15th September, and open to bids until then….bidding is on Facebook, please click here ….


…Thankyou for looking !



About neowatercolour

Watercolour Artist
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2 Responses to …on the map…

  1. Elaine says:

    It’s ages since I’ve seen any of your work, it’s so distinctive, love it.

    Liked by 1 person

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